Stay home. That's the advice, warning, threat in this time of pandemic. We should have been boarding a plane today, heading off for a month in Sicily. But we are staying home. And I don't just mean in Australia, or South Australia, or even North Adelaide. I mean in our house, our home. Not even local street photography for a while.
​​​​​​​But life at home is not all bad. There are photos to edit and process. There are meetings online and yoga in the back room. After two weeks of both households self isolating we have even been able to have Leif over. We are fortunate to  have a house large enough to not feel confined and a vista extending beyond our four walls. We have a back yard to enjoy, a front veranda to sit on, chatting to the occasional passing neighbour or simply watching the autumn leaves fall, and there are always windows onto the street to keep us in touch with a world outside.
Who would have thought that the humble toilet roll would become a potent symbol of the times. A few people bought and bought, hoarding the stuff out of a fear for who knows what, leaving the rest of us to hunt it, often daily, among the usually empty supermarket shelves. Food I could almost understand .... but toilet paper?

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