Monday 11 May, and the first tentative steps are made to wind back South Australia’s Covid-19 restrictions. From today restaurants and coffee shops are able to provide an outside service. Patron numbers are limited to ten people and tables must be suitably distanced. No food or drink is to be consumed inside.
As I walked around North Adelaide there remained a sense of uncertainty and a definite feeling that these were still early days.
In the morning it seemed appropriate that the sun was shining and some people took the opportunity to sit and talk over a coffee or meal for the first time in a while. There were, however, still plenty of empty seats and more people than ‘normal’ appeared happy to wait for a takeaway order.​​​​​​​
In the evening most restaurants set up their footpath tables but there were very few people using them. Granted it was Monday, traditionally a quiet evening, and the first night of easing but there was no rush to resume ‘normality’. Home deliveries remained a popular choice.

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